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Focus on Only These 10 HTML Tags

Even though there are over 100 tags in HTML, you usually only end up using a few of these tags most of the time. Focus on these 10 tags an you'll do just fine.

<h1> - <h6> Heading
<ul> & <li> Unordered List & List Item
<hr>Horizontal Rule

A Clear and Simple Explanation of HTML

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, it's not really a programming language like Javascript, PHP, Python or C++ . It's much simpler. It's a way of describing how a set of objects like text, image, form inputs etc. should be displayed to the viewer. For now, think of every thing you can see in an app as an interpretation of HTML tags. For starters, you need an HTML reference list to know the objects you want to put on display and how to configure them. Here is a list.